A 24 Hour Off Road competition event for off road vehicles. It is held in central Greece, few kms from Athens. This is the 11th year of the endurance adventure event. It is held over four Special Stages, each one ending with a service of 90 minutes. It is not a circular event. The SSs are in consequence, one after the other, like all rally raid events. The event is taking place on the last weekend of November, for this year 2013 at the 30th and 1st of December.
2009, Borris Gadasin, World Baja Champion, took part at ...the event. This event was sponsored by Cooper Tires and City of Piraeus, Greece.
2010 competitors from Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia made the event international.
2011 competitors from 11 countries joined the race.
2012 competitors from 14 countries joined the event.
Motos, ATVs, Rally (T1, T2 & T3) and normal cars are accepted. 2008 year we had 111 competitors from 4 countries. 
Total length is about 1000 kms. Driving time 24 hours, non stop! Starts Saturday 11:00Z. Ends Sunday 11:00Z. The terrain consists of many types of gravel. From fast, wide roads up to difficult, mud paths and twisting mountain roads. From zero altitude, up to 1500 meters, on the rocky mountains of Central Greece, well known from Acropolis Rally. During day and night, close to the biggest night in the area, that lasts for 14 hours.
Five categories:
- Z1, Open, modified, including T1, T2 and T3 cars.
- Z2, Normal, regularity. No safety precaution needed.
- Z3, Entry, just cruise with smaller average speed requirements. Three member crews are allowed.
- Z0, SUV, as entry, with SUV vehicles.
- ATVs.
- Motos 
Transport and accommodation can be arranged in low prices, if requested. 
For European competitors 4 days are enough for coming, racing, return to base. Ships from and to Italy depart every day. Athens Airport is just few kilometers from the start. Scrutinizing is held the evening before the race.