Konstantina Athanasiou-Kyristintzi: The “heart of the race”. For all the years she takes part in designing, composing and realising 24 Hours. She is responsible for all the work done at the center of the race and especially for the safety of the racers. Before the use of the tracking system, she was “tracking” the competitors using a mobile phone! Contact her at k.athanasiou@ihnilatis4x4.gr .

Helena Descou: The “art designer” of 24 Hours. She is responsible for all the artistic work done, from the poster up to the road book and all of the 2.000 junctions of it. Posters, banners, t-shirts etc. have her signature.

Panos Athanasiou-Kyristintzis: the “new age” of 24 Hours. He is involved with the race sinse he was 10 years old and he has passed through all the positions, helping and creating. Photographer, marshal, helping the safety manager, the bivouac manager etc. Now he is checking the road book as a professional.

Fokion Petritis: the “technical eye” of 24 Hours. He is a scrutineer, knows very well the regulations and is ready to answer all the questions and solve most of the problems before and during the race. He tries many years to see the race at the gravel, but always something is keeping him from doing it! Contact him at fpetritis@gmail.com .

Christiana Petritis: She loves off road races. She has helped 24 Hours many times up to 2014. And this year she becomes the responsible Crew Relations Marshal. She will keep you in touch with the organization and solve all your problems. Help her keep this beautifull smile!!!

Todor Hristov: He is an ATV rider with participations in Dakar (!) and a very spectacular car driver in cross country events. He is the "off road motorsports man" in Bulgaria and the promoter of our event there. Contact him at hristov@dakarbg.com . He will help with all the details, he will solve all your problems, he will arrange your transfer to Greece. All the Bulgarian entries have to pass through him.

Roberto Musi: He is a driver and copilot in Italian and World Cross Country Rally races, rally organizer (www.sdrally.com) but most off all a competitor that loves 24 Hours race. He is the promoter of the event in Italy. He will help with all the details, he will solve all your problems, he will arrange your transfer to Greece. All Italian entries have to pass through him. Contact him at sahara@saharadream.com .

Oliver Solyom: the funniest competitor we ever had. He is fast, can distinquish the good food and can joke without knowing your language! He is our promoter in Hungary and generally the Central Europe. He will help with all the details, he will solve all your problems and make you lough! Contact him at solyom@solyomteam.hu .

Hansjoerg Schekahn: the INTERNATIONAL CROSS COUNTRY RALLY MAN. He owns the marathonrally.com site, he travels all around the world and he is beloved by all the people involved in off road motorsports. He likes good company, he is perfect in telling stories about the races and perfect when he is working. He help us promote the event in all means.

Giannis Athanasiou: the “grouchy” of 24 Hours. He has planned the event, has everything is his mind, he has organized all the solutions to emergencies, he is ready to check all the people involved and… scream if something is not perfect. Security of the competitors is his first priority and a clean race his second. The history of 24 Hours proves him... right! Contact him at g.athanasiou@ihnilatis4x4.gr.