Time keeping
The time keeping of each stage will be published by the road book. The biggest assessed entity is an hour, the smallest – a second.
On the special stages is measured the time of every participant for passing the track. For cars the goal is a given time, very hard to detain and the result is based on how close to this time the crew finishes the SS. For ATVs and motos is a “zero time” event: the fastest win the SS.
For passing the liaisons is given a maximum time, also published in the official road book.


Starting Order
Starting order will be based on the abilities of the competitors and will be not changed during the event, excepted if the competitor is late. The starting order will be announced prior to the start on the events site. The starting order will be Motorcycles, ATVs, Cars.

The measured time for passing the stages and the penalties determine the classification. Criterion for the classification is the least time for passing the stage. Because of the marathon character of the competition and the number of participants, the organizer has the right to announce temporary results (not final) for the current stage on the bases of the measured time only (without the penalties). The temporary classification does not affect the final results. The overall classification of the participants is the sum of their times for passing all stages.


Tracking system
Based on a satellite and cellular phone combined communication, the tracking system gives on-line the position and the speed of each vehicle participating. This gives the organization the ability to interfere as fast as possible in case of emergency, knowing immediately when and where a vehicle stops and for how long it is stopped. Furthermore the tracking system helps the organization to see if the competitor follows the route and the speed limits applied in few special points.