Winter, end of November.
The calendar has no Rally Raid events in Europe. Dakar is far, far away. Roads are not accessible for off roading… What shall you do?
Take part in 24 Hours International Rally Raid Greece, the oldest and longest raid event in Greece, the country of gods. One of the few events that are organized during this period of the year in Europe, few thousands kilometers from any destination in our continent.
24 hours continuous driving, passing by the most know archeological sites of the world: Acropolis, Delphi, Corinth, Mycenae, Chaeroneia.
Discover that Greece is not only sea, beaches, summer and sun. It is also adventure, competition, challenge, more than 1000 kms of hard to beat, hard to deal with, roads. Find out why Rally Acropolis, pacing through the same area, was the best and harder event of WRC for many, many years and is still one of the best and hard ones.
Find your way over the mountain of Parnassus and the surrounding peaks. Drive over the valley of muses and enjoy the most difficult ever Special Stage of WRC, the well known Prodromos, famous for the enormous number of retirements.
Be our quests. Discover the famous Greek hospitality. Find out that Greece and Greeks have lost nothing of their charm. Become another one of the fanatic friends of the event, who expect 365 days for the next 24 Hours!


The recipe

  • The continuous 24 hours driving of Le Mans.
  • Strategy.
  • Preserving vehicle and crew.
  • Manage fuel and tires.

The off road hardness and diversity of Paris – Dakar.

  • The rocks of Parnitha, Elikon and Parnass.
  • The mud of Kopais plains.
  • The ruined roads of Gerania.
  • The fast curves at Stiri.
  • The tight corners at Distomo.


The glory and difficulty of Rallye Acropolis.

  • Colin Mc Rae, five times winner: “… Acropolis is one of the most seductive and most challenging races of WRC… is one of the toughest events of the WRC, for the cars and the teams…”
  • Ove Andersson, TTE manager, 1971 winner as a driver: “To complete the typical rough stages was a superhuman event, you thought you have reached a target in your life. You needed a sharp mind to drive at Acropolis. Driving fast was not enough”.
  • Rallye Acropolis is voted for many years the Best Event of WRC, basically due to its particularities.
  • The uncountable crossings at plains and mines.
  • The most famous gravel Special Stages in the world, many of them used in 24 Hours International Rally Raid:

Prodromos, Stiri, Evaggelistria, Thisvi, Platanaki, Osios Meletios, Parnitha, Skourta, Analipsi, Livadia, Mandra, Distomo, Loukisia, Klenia, Gymno, Kefalari, Boxites, Karoutes, Gravia, Kalidromo, Elatia and many others.


The challenge of driving and navigating during the night.

  • Lighting is never enough.
  • Visibility is limited, especially to the sides.
  • Most obstacles are very hard to see.
  • Surroundings could not assist navigation.
  • Reading the road book is a challenge, either for cars, or for bikes/ATVs.


The famous Greek hospitality.

Here “foreigner” means “guest.” Greece, the Art of Hospitality.
A French traveler had a memorable experience in the Peloponnesus.
“The sun was setting when my car broke down near a remote and poor village... I was wondering where I was going to spend the night when I realized that the villagers were vehemently arguing as to who should have the honour of receiving me as a guest in their house... I accepted the offer of an old peasant woman...
Other villagers brought me goat's cheese, figs and honey, and, of course, ouzo... I wanted to reward the old woman for the trouble to which I had put her ... She refused the money I offered with loud cries of indignation...”. You will feel it anywhere!!!


The best land plot of the world.

  • Coastline of  16.500 kms, when the entire Europe has 90.000 kms!
  • Over 2.500 islands.
  • Mountains up to 3.000 meters high.
  • Activities from wind surf to snow board, in only some dozens kms.
  • An enormous diversity in landscapes and types of land.
  • A rather mild and dry climate all around the year.


5.000 years of history.

  • Archeological sites and remains that go back to third millennium B.C.
  • A continuous presence in history for more than 5 millenniums and 10 periods.
  • Civilizations that… marked the history, as the Athenian democracy, the Byzantium etc.
  • Sciences, philosophies and arts that are still used as a reference.
  • The meaning of sports and sporting competition was created in Ancient Greece, together with the Olympic Games.
  • Greeks have been among the best sailors in the world, since sailing was born.
  • Greeks protected Europe from Persians (B.C.), Turks (A.C.) and resisted Nazis during the WW II, so they were delayed, they could not win Russians during the summer and finally they lost the war.





10 years of successful racing experience.

  • Over 7.000 kms of racing through the years!
  • Over 700 participants, from 10 countries!
  • Over 1.500 road book pages.
  • Over 1.000 people involved in organization, totally.
  • Amazing comments:
    • International participant: “… Demanding event for crews and vehicles. With minor changes could easily stand to an international cup level…”
    • Participant of Africa Eco Race: “…rocks at Morocco mountains are like been chosen by the designer of 24 hours race!!!”
    • Marathon Rally Journalist: “To prevent rumors - the city is pulsating, living, with friendly people and Police, no demonstrations or riots. Everything looks perfect. Some thousand people joined the official show start, visited the City-paddock and listened the official briefing, which was held public”.
  • A race where crew counts more than the vehicle. Through the years the winner never had the best one at the starting grid!